Overtime Disputes And Wage And Hour Claims

Moreland Verrett, P.C., represents employees in nearly all types of employment law disputes. But our practice is especially strong when it comes to issues affecting pay and compensation.

Attorney Edmond Moreland has been recognized by clients and the greater the legal community for his ethical practice and passionate advocacy. Our firm understands that overtime disputes and wage and hour claims dramatically impact your life and your ability to provide for your family. We have made it our mission to ensure that each client receives the fair pay that he or she has earned and is entitled to.

Learn More About Wage And Overtime Issues

This section of our website is filled with compensation information for employees in a variety of professions:

If you are a Texas oil field worker, you may be at risk of a number of pay violations, including illegally working off the clock and other pay practices that rob you of overtime wages.

For tipped employees in the service and hospitality industries, you need to understand your rights and protections when it comes to tip pooling and other practices that can severely and illegally reduce your pay.

Have you been told that you don’t qualify for overtime pay or that your company simply will not pay overtime? This isn’t always true, yet misinformation is common and impacts many types of employees, including:

  • Inside sales representatives (who are often told they are ineligible for overtime pay)
  • Managers and other salaried workers who believe that they are exempt from overtime pay
  • Employees who have been misclassified as exempt from overtime requirements in violation of wage and hour laws
  • Employees who are performing work while off the clock (such as working during unpaid meal or rest periods, or driving between work sites)
  • Commissioned earners not earning an overtime premium on their commission payments
  • Any other workers who worry that they are being robbed of wages and compensation due to their employers’ non-complying payment practices

If you have been the victim of any of these pay practices or violations — or if you feel that your employer is doing something fishy with your pay, or the pay of someone you care about — we want to hear your story. When you contact our firm, you can discuss your concerns with a caring, attentive lawyer who is ready to help you pursue full compensation and damages.

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