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Gas Prices Dropping Means More Unpaid Overtime For Oilfield Workers

As gas prices continue dropping, consumers are happier to fill up their vehicles for less money at the pump. However, there are negative repercussions for oilfield workers. One of the biggest negatives is the large number of layoffs. Another disadvantage is unpaid overtime for oilfield workers.

Examples Of Unpaid Overtime

Many oilfield workers spend more than 40 hours each week working without receiving overtime pay. In some cases, they may be classified as independent contractors. Oil companies often refuse to pay independent contractors overtime pay with the excuse that they are not on the payroll. While some workers may work more than 40 hours and receive no pay for the additional hours, others may receive the same rate of pay for additional hours after being promised an increased overtime rate.

Companies may pay employees or independent contractors for less time than the actual amount of time they spent working. In certain cases, employees or independent contractors may be paid a daily, weekly or monthly salary without specified hours. Salaries with added day rates are also used by some companies. When the hours are unspecified, workers often find themselves working much more than 40 hours per week.

With certain companies, employees or contractors are paid a fixed amount for any time they work beyond 40 hours per week. For example, they may be offered a fixed overtime rate of $100. This amount remains the same whether they work an extra 10 hours or 30 hours. Alternatively, companies often pay a per diem amount, but do not include that amount in calculating overtime pay. Drivers working in oilfields are also targets for underpayment. They may be paid a set amount per load despite the amount of miles they drive or the number of hours they work.

How To Determine Overtime Entitlement

Most oilfield workers who are denied or shorted on overtime pay do not realize they are being shorted. In most cases, workers are entitled to receive additional amounts larger than their hourly rate for overtime. The best way to determine overtime entitlement is to speak with an attorney from an employment law firm.

How an Austin Employment Attorney Can Help

It is important for oilfield workers and all workers to know their rights regarding wages and overtime. Attorneys know the law and can provide solutions. In most cases, they are able to help people who are entitled to overtime receive the money they are owed. Contact the Moreland Law Firm online or call 512-782-0567 for a free consultation.

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