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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Mewbourne for Misclassifying Oilfield Lease Operators as Exempt From Overtime

Our firm filed a class action overtime lawsuit in New Mexico federal court today.  The lawsuit is filed on behalf of a class of Lease Operators for Mewbourne Oil Company, Inc.  The Lease Operators work for Mewbourne in their locations across New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

This case is brought under both the FLSA (federal law) and the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act. The lawsuit claims that Mewbourne misclassified its Lease Operators as “exempt” from the overtime requirements of the FLSA and, for those that worked in New Mexico, the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act.  We are requesting class certification under both laws.

Employers that violate the FLSA are subject to double damages for all of the wages they failed to pay their workers. Violations of the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act subject the employer to treble damages. Under both laws, employers are also responsible for an employee’s attorneys’ fees and costs if the employee prevails. In the lawsuit, we are seeking to represent a class of the defendant’s Lease Operators and are requesting lost wages, liquidated (double) damages (under the FLSA), treble damages (under the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act), injunctive relief, attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.

You can read the Complaint here.

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