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Inside Salespeople May Be Entitled to Overtime Pay for Those Long Hours

It is often the case that inside salespeople are paid some amount of salary, plus a commission. This compensation scheme occurs in many industries, but it is particularly prevalent in the area of software sales. The law governing whether or not commissioned salespeople are entitled to overtime compensation is often complicated and confusing. It depends […]

Strength in Numbers: Class Actions to Collect Unpaid Wages

Strength in Numbers: Class Actions to Collect Unpaid Wages For near 80 years, working people have had the important right to bring a class action to recover their unpaid wages from employers who have not properly paid them Recent developments in the law have strongly reaffirmed that right. U.S. Supreme Court Strongly Reaffirms Class Action […]

The Eleventh Circuit Holds That Discrimination Because of Gender Non-Conformity is Actionable, But Discrimination Because of Sexual Orientation Is Not Under Title VII

On Friday, March 10, 2017, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals decided the case of Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital. The Eleventh Circuit is the federal court that hears and decides appeals from federal district courts in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. The central issues in Evans was whether a plaintiff may claim that an employer has unlawfully discriminated […]

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