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What “Reasonable Accommodations” Must a Texas Employer Make for Disabled Employees?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the rights of workers who suffer from a number of disabilities. An employer is not allowed to discriminateagainst an employee on the basis of disability, and in fact must make “reasonable accommodations” upon request. But the ADA does not give a disabled employee free reign to make demands, as […]

What are the Employee Rights in the Workplace?

As an Austin Employment Law Attorney Employment law is a complex area of law that encompasses both employee and employer rights and obligations ranging from anti-discriminatory hiring practices, wages, rights to privacy, wrongful termination, and workplace safety. Many of these issues are protected through state and federal laws. All employees have what are called “basic […]

The Fifth Circuit Defines the Employer’s Burden to Rebut an Inference of Discrimination

As I’ve written here before, in most discrimination cases, there is no smoking gun evidence of discrimination; and most cases, therefore, must be proven through circumstantial evidence. As I’ve also written, the law has imposed a burden-shifting framework in assessing these circumstantial evidence cases. Over the years, proving cases through circumstantial evidence has become more […]

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